Information For Members


Welcome to the "Members' Area" of the AACHP website! 

Please follow the link to the AACHP Members' Page to find information about your membership including membership renewal forms, insurance application forms, health fund updates, meeting details, seminar dates, newsletters and resources. 

Please note that the AACHP Members' Page is password protected. You will receive a new password at the start of each financial year upon receipt of your membership/renewal application form and fees. 

Please use the same password to access the Members' CPE Videos Page 

For enquiries about any aspect of your membership that is not covered in these pages, please contact a member of the Committee. 

If you are not currently a member of the AACHP and are interested in joining, please go to How to Join the AACHP 

You can also contact us via email for more information or you can contact any member of the Committee directly, either via email or telephone, with any questions you may have. 



AACHP is a Member Association of the HCA

Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA), which is the national peak body for clinical hypnotherapy in Australia. As a member association of the HCA, the AACHP is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in Australia. 

It works to provide support, education, and advocacy for its members, as well as promote the benefits of hypnotherapy to the wider public. Membership in the AACHP is open to qualified and practicing hypnotherapists and psychotherapists who meet the association's requirements for training and education.