Member Benefits - Why Join The ACCHP?

The AACHP is a progressive professional association dedicated to providing a number of important benefits for its members.  As a prospective member do please download and print your own brochure by following this linkAACHP Brochure in addition to reading on about the benefits we offer at AACHP.

For all Members

  • Low Membership Fees
  • Free Continuing Professional Education (CPE) via bimonthly presentations from leading educators and practitioners in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy (all members may download a video recording of these presentations for CPE purposes and it is particularly advantageous for interstate and regional members to be able to benefit from this free CPE online).
  • Free Group Supervision via bimonthly Peer Support meetings which enable members to share and discuss case histories and raise any issues relating to any aspect of their professional practice
  • Access to AACHP accredited Supervisors to arrange Clinical Supervision and flexible Supervision arrangements whereby members may choose a Supervisor who is not currently AACHP accredited but who would meet our accreditation requirements
  • Password access to the Members’ Page of the AACHP website to which member resources are added on a regular basis
  • Inclusion on the AACHP Member Distribution List to receive copies of the AACHP Newsletter as well as regular updates relating to the profession
  • AACHP Member discounts (where applicable) to CPE events

For Certified and Professional Clinical Members

  • Access to competitively priced and comprehensive insurance specifically designed to meet the needs of Clinical Hypnotherapists which includes cover for Past Life Regression as a therapeutic method. Please note that the AACHP is not an insurance provider but can give you the details of the insurance company that is able to offer this tailored insurance.
  • Automatic eligibility to join the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia National Register
  • Free Member listing and link to your website/webpage on the AACHP website

For Professional Clinical Members

  • Eligibility to offer rebates from Private Health Insurers with whom AACHP has been approved as a health service provider under section 10 of the PHI (Accreditation) Rules (2008).
  • Please note that in the interests of providing members of the AACHP with accurate and up-to-date information, we do conduct regular extensive reviews of all known private health funds currently offering rebates for hypnotherapy. This is a challenging task because the health funds can and do change the terms and conditions of their policies which can lead to confusion for practitioners and their clients.

As at May 2016, 9 health funds currently offering rebates for hypnotherapy confirmed provider status for AACHP Professional Clinical Members.

Members will find a comprehensive list on the Members' Page of this website together with details about how to obtain the relevant provider numbers and the requirements for invoicing of clients wishing to claim a rebate. 


AACHP is a Member Association of the HCA

Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA), which is the national peak body for clinical hypnotherapy in Australia. As a member association of the HCA, the AACHP is dedicated to promoting the highest standards of clinical hypnotherapy and psychotherapy in Australia. 

It works to provide support, education, and advocacy for its members, as well as promote the benefits of hypnotherapy to the wider public. Membership in the AACHP is open to qualified and practicing hypnotherapists and psychotherapists who meet the association's requirements for training and education.