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Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Inc

How to Join the AACHP

Although the AACHP membership year runs from July 1st to June 30th each year, new applications for membership are welcomed at any time of the membership year and fees are calculated on a quarterly pro rata basis to the nearest quarter.

Please note, our membership application form is frequently updated so if it is not linked here, do please contact the AACHP Registrar for the current form. When you receive your application form you will notice that the same form is to be used for all new applications as well as for renewals for all levels of membership (Associate, Certified and Professional Clinical) - the form includes guidelines regarding which parts to complete depending on the level of membership for which you are applying. Unless you are applying for Professional Clinical Membership, new membership applications do NOT need to include CPE points and Supervision hours accrued during the previous 12 months as these criteria only apply once you have become a member.

Do Contact Us with any questions prior to submitting your application.

The AACHP also has a number of Associate Members. This level of membership includes:

  • former practising members who do not currenty comply with one or more of the strict criteria to be registered as a practising members of the AACHP
  • qualified practitioners who are no longer practising and also
  • students of clinical hypnotherapy, who, upon successful completion of their studies, may apply for practising membership.

If you wish to join the AACHP as an Associate Member, please complete the standard membership application form, leaving out the sections that do not apply to you at this stage. If you are a current student of Clinical Hypnotherapy, please state where you currently enrolled to do your training. Associate members of the AACHP are encouraged to attend all CPE and Peer Support meetings and enjoy the same seminar and workshop discounts as full practising members.

The AACHP is able to offer its qualified practising members access to a unique tailor-made and comprehensive insurance policy negotiated on behalf of and specific to the Clinical Hypnotherapy profession. Do ask us about this when you join. When you first apply to join the AACHP, you will need to have been accepted for membership to gain access to this insurance so upon receipt of your application, assuming that all other aspects of your application meet with our criteria, you will be notified that your membership has been approved provisionally (so that you are able to obtain your insurance), however, you will not receive your membership certificate nor be listed on the website as a full practising member until we have received confirmation of your insurance details.

When you have met all the criteria for practising membership of the AACHP, you will be able to join the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA) National Register and be recognised as an HCA Registered Hypnotherapist.

Professional Clinical Members of the AACHP are recognised Hypnotherapy providers with a number of health insurance companies.

All membership enquiries should be directed to the AACHP Registrar

Upcoming Events

AACHP CPE Seminars

As a not-for-profit members' association, we are pleased to offer our CPE Seminars for a nominal fee of only $5 for AACHP members and for non-members who are current students* of Clinical Hypnotherapy and/or Psychotherapy.

*Evidence of current enrolment is required, otherwise the non-member fee of $25 will be applicable for each CPE Seminar.


DISCLAIMER: All AACHP members are required to adhere to strict membership criteria including ongoing training but are solely responsible for the therapy conducted in their own private practices. AACHP is not in any way responsible for the methodologies employed or for the outcome of any therapy.

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