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Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Inc

About the AACHP

The Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Inc. (AACHP) was founded in 1998 and is Incorporated in Victoria. Many of its members are from Victoria, however, membership is open to all clinical hypnotherapists who meet the requirements of membership of the AACHP.

The AACHP is a member association of the national peak body for hypnotherapy in Australia, the Hypnotherapy Council of Australia (HCA) and practising members of the AACHP meet the nationally agreed minimum standards as prescribed by the HCA.

Practising membership of the AACHP is available to applicants who:

  • meet the minimum standards of clinical hypnotherapy education as prescribed
  • submit a Police Check
  • have current Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • have a current Level 2 First Aid qualification
  • abide by the AACHP Code of Conduct
  • complete ongoing Continuing Professional Education and Supervision requirements

Associate membership of the AACHP is a non-practising level of membership and is available to applicants who are:

  • engaged in the study of clinical hypnotherapy
  • non-practising clinical hypnotherapists
  • psychotherapists with an interest in clinical hypnotherapy

Information About Applying For Membership

AACHP is a Member Association of the HCA which is National Peak Body for Clinical Hypnotherapy in Australia.

AACHP CPE Seminars

As a not-for-profit members' association, we are pleased to offer our CPE Seminars for a nominal fee of only $5 for AACHP members and for non-members who are current students* of Clinical Hypnotherapy and/or Psychotherapy.

*Evidence of current enrolment is required, otherwise the non-member fee of $25 will be applicable for each CPE Seminar.


DISCLAIMER: All AACHP members are required to adhere to strict membership criteria including ongoing training but are solely responsible for the therapy conducted in their own private practices. AACHP is not in any way responsible for the methodologies employed or for the outcome of any therapy.